Who is 707SeedBAnk?

707SeedBank is the conception of Sha Bud, who at 14 years old knew exactly what he wanted to do when he started reading High Times Magazine: Grow Cannabis. He didn’t know it at the time but it would become his calling to become a top breeder guided by the simple idea of breeding consistent, uniform, mouth watering strains.

In his own words, his garden is his place of peace: “Everyday is a blessing to me; I love what I do. I really love every part about it. Being out in the woods, in my garden; birds chirping, blue skies; it’s bright and colorful.”   

707SeedBank has been featured in Cannabible 3,  and has won many awards including: 1st Place CWGA Cup 2005, 1st Place CWGA Cup 2006.

The Tastiest Strains, the Most Mouthwatering Buds.

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Multiple award-winning Kush Cleaner is a cross between SFV OG and a Jacks Cleaner male. You will find Kush Cleaner in many stores in Colorado and California on their top shelf, and many extract artists have taken first place in competitions with Kush Cleaner. The Jacks Cleaner lemon, pine, cleaner aromas, and favor are dominant in this cross with the pure power of the SFV OG male. This one is a true gem. Kush Cleaner grows big fat extremely frosty buds and makes this one a winner indoors and out.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Mid-Late Oct.


As the name suggests, Lava Cake oozes out delicious trichome with a very pleasant minty chocolate skunky aromas and flavors. A powerful cross between Thin Mint Cookies and 707 Chemdawg. The Thin Mint is very dominant in the cross with much-added yield and potency from the 707 Chemdawg. A must try for all you cookie lovers.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks


A great cross of Granddaddy Purple and an amazing 707 Chemdawg male. Most phenos are perfect blends of both parents. Mouthwatering, skunky, grape, berry, fuel terps that linger for a while is what makes this a winner. Stocky, beautiful, mostly indica plants. Expect large dense frosty flowers with vibrant purple hues. Cold nights will really bring out a ton of purple with this variety. A heavy hitting, long lasting narcotic high that is great for nighttime. An awesome variety for patients suering from insomnia, appetite loss, muscle spasm, pain, and stress.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Mid-Late Oct.


Old Betsy is an old-school San Diego Sativa hybrid. It was brought to Humboldt County in early 2000 by an OG Overgrow member: Budular. It quickly began to gain popularity amongst outdoor growers because of the extremely frosty, large yielding and it has pungent skunky dank tropical fruit aromas. I have worked the original clone heavily into seed form and am extremely happy with the results. Indoor, a carbon filter is advised due to the intense, pungent aromas. Great of patients suering from migraines, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, and insomnia.

Harvest: Indoor 7-9 Weeks. Outdoor Early-Mid Oct.


Pineapple Thai is mostly Sativa dominant strain. It grows very large with beautiful crystals coated light green buds. Like the name suggests it has a strong ripe pineapple aroma with a hint of haze. Pineapple Thai provides an uplifting creative, happy high. Great for anxiety, and grows great indoor and out.

Harvest: Indoor 8-9 Weeks. Outdoor Mid Oct.


A cross between legendary Blue Dream and a very special Pineapple Thai male. Blue Pineapple is a huge growing plant. When you want to grow a giant, this the one; A perfect blend between both parents. Flavorful, mouth-watering, skunky, soapy, tropical fruit aromas and avor will wash away any stress or anxiety.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Mid Oct.


Ghost Dawg is a powerhouse. A cross between Ghost OG and 707 Chemdawg male. The Ghost OG is very dominant in this cross. Extremely potent herb with greasy, gassy, trichomes. It grows like your typical OG but with larger buds.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Late Oct.


Lemon, skunk, fuel, mouth-watering goodness is what is to be expected from Fire Dawg. The Extremely potent Fire OG crossed to my 707 Chemdawg is a great match! You will need to support this plant due to the large buds and OG Kush style plants.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Late Oct.


707 Chemdawg has been heavily worked. Chemdawg #4 line. After Generations of backcrossing, I am very pleased to be able to offer this variety. Many breeders today have based their seed line on, or used my 707 Chemdawg in their breeding. 707 Chemdawg grows fairly large with huge flavorful flowers. Fuel, citrus, and pine-sol aromas fill these large light green crystal covered buds.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Late Oct.


A true classic. Back in the early 90s before herb came with names. We had brown weed, green weed, roadkill skunk, and cat piss. Growing up in the San Francisco area, this became my high school herb I was smoking in the early 90s. It originated in Pittsburg CA and is often called Pittsburg Piss. It’s a pure indica, broad leaf, short and stout growing plant. Very resinous, sticky flowers with a powerful skunky, soapy aromas. It’s unlike anything you will find today. Light up a doobie at a show and watch all the heads turn. The smells and flavors are unreal.

Harvest: Indoor 6-8 Weeks Outdoor Mid – End Oct.


Lemon Dawg is a cross between Lemon Tree S1 and a 707 Chemdawg Male. The Lemon Tree S1 used in this cross has one of the most flavorful terp profiles. Definitely in my top 5. Lemon, citrus, skunk, raspberry are just a few of the notes I get. The Lemon Tree S1 is very dominant in this cross. Indica dominant plants grow strong and short with large leathery leafs. The 707 Chemdawg male has added much-needed vigor to the Lemon Tree.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Mid Oct


An Extremely potent cross between a Snowman S1 and a 707 Chemdawg male. Snowman initially comes from Pie Guy from the cookie family. It’s a cross between their Florida OG and Thin Mint Cookies. Mixed with a 707 Chemdawg male, this is a dream plant to grow. As the name suggests, Snow Cone grows large trichome covered flowers with beautifully saturated purple hues. It has an overwhelming aroma of sweet marshmallows with a little skunky soapy lemon fuel tones.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Late Oct


This cross makes me happy. Mouth watering UK Cheese crossed to a 707 Chemdawg male. UK Cheese is very dominant in this cross. Its pungent skunky funky aromas have made it a personal favorite ever since the first time I tried it. The Chemdawg has added more potency, trichomes, and has lightened the color. A true crowd pleaser.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks Outdoor Late Oct.

707 KUSH

A cross between SFV OG and 707 Chemdawg. This super potent hybrid will lay out the most experienced of users. Gorgeous large light green trichome coated flowers fill the air with a piney, lemon fuel aroma, and flavors. Very pungent!

Harvest: Indoor 8-10weeks Outdoor Mid-Late Oct.

707 OG Kush

707 OG Kush is a heavily worked line of the original SFV OG (San Fernando Valley OG). She is a heavy hitter that can lay out even the most experienced smoker. Lemon, pine, and fuel overwhelm the pallet with a flavor that lasts and lingers, leaving you wanting more. Caution: smoke too much and your day may be ruined! She grows big, when flowering she can easily triple in size. Support of branches is highly recommended. Her genetic stability brings very little variation and strong test results, making 707 OG Kush is a great start for those wanting to breed their own seeds or for those who just love OG kush.

Harvest: Indoor 910 weeks, Outdoor late October

707 Lemon Tree

This short and stocky wide leafed plant produces some of the most flavorful herb on the planet, delivering a pungent citrus with hints of fuel and raspberry. I’ve had people accuse me of spraying something artificial onto the flowers because they couldn’t believe how strong the citrus candy aroma is. Very little variation, every seed I tested had the mouth watering terps Lemon Tree is famous for. Test results have shown 20-25% THC levels, making this one of the most potent citrus varieties on the market.

Harvest: Indoor 9 weeks, Outdoor early October.


A cross between a clone of the legendary Trinity and a 707 Chemdawg male. Trinity has a very narcotic high that is unlike herb you find today. You can feel your eyelids drop with a big smile on your face. It has that classic 90’s flavor and smell; pungent skunk with soapy and sweet undertones, similar to the Catpiss. There are some very special gems hidden in Dogma for those that love the hunt. I had indica leaning, sativa leaning, and everything in between. Smells varied from milk shake, to fuel, to wet dog, and even skunk. Large and heavy sticky trichomes coat the big flowers. My personal favorites are the indica leaning genotypes. This is a must try for those that miss the herbs of the 90’s Grateful Dead scene.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 weeks, Outdoor mid-late October

Chemlato 33

A beautiful and large plant bearing sweet citrus and fruity fuel flavored flowers. Purple, blue and dark green colors make this one a show stopper. I crossed the Gelato 33 with a 707 Chemdawg male, resulting in a dominant Gelato with favorable classic Cookies genetics that yield heavy. Users will experience a happy, relaxing and euphoric high. Great for stress, depression, and anxiety. Performs well both indoor and outdoor. When testing the Chemlato 33 outdoors I noticed it does extremely well in areas that get 4-6 hours of direct sunlight, similar to my SnowCone.

Harvest: Indoor 9-10 weeks, Outdoor mid-late October

Nuclear Chem

A Chemdawg D crossed with a 707 Chemdawg male gave us a true Chemdawg lovers dream. Pungent fuel, skunk, sour, and lemon aromas fill the air when growing this champ. A Carbon filter is highly advised for indoor. Dominate in Chemdawg D, the Nuclear Chem is much easier to grow then the original and with all the Chemdawg D potency and flavor.

Harvest: Indoor 9-10 weeks, Outdoor mid-late October

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